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About Moncraft

ART is where WORK meets LOVE !!

Believing in conceptual design, Moncraft 3D shadow pieces are made from variety of paper and cardstock combined with innovative technology.

All artworks are designed to be unique , original , and contemporary. With modern technology and traditional techniques, Moncraft artworks are exceptional timeless pieces . Our inspiration to create a unique and original 3D paper art piece and also keep the balance between art and craft.

All artworks are custom made , hand-made so no 2 will ever be identical. If you interested to cherish a special unique artwork to enjoy for a long time , get in touch & let’s work together!

Moncraft design process

All paper artworks are created & designed by Moni Hall.

The Design idea is first created by a graphic software to ensure its accuracy and quality . The design is then transformed live through a paper cut machines that take the design and cutting all its pieces using various high quality card-stocks , Moni Hall collage all paper pieces and intricately design and glue them to a design that she has initially visualised to become a wonderful 3D paper art piece.

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